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message 1 - Paul F. Harvie | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Found out about you on YouTube singing Willie P's song, Music in Your Eyes. That song I first heard Stan Rogers do. Your version is great. I aspire to learn that guitar part.
May 15 2011 - Panama City Florida (Grandparents from Nova Scotia)

message 2 - Don Charbonneau | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
It's been a long day and getting late.somehow or other I happened on a link to your site.had a listen to some of your music on Sonic Bid.great songs!
February 25 2011 - Wawa Ontario Canada

message 3 - Susan Stitt | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Thank you so much for singing/playing at the Garage in Duncan last night (October 18, 2010). Went to see your brother Colin, and your appearance was a plus. Keep writing. Keep singing. It's great.
October 19 2010 - Cowichan Bay, British Columbia

message 4 - Helen Drew | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
My grandmother was Gertude Ough, a daughter of William and Margaret Ough of Aurora.
Are you related to this family and could you provide me with any information about the family?
Many thanks
August 1 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

message 5 - PEDRO CRESPO
I'have been watching the six videos you put on Facebook, whit your brother Colin., and I like it very much.
A song of Colin is very good for me is "The price you pay" from his 2009 album.
I think the best folk is made in Canadá and you remember me the years of teenager, that in Spain was difficult ear your music, in a radio program of the sixties called Caravana, the songs of Ian & Sylvia, Buffy StMarie, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, the Band, make me happy.
March 31 2010 - MADRID - ESPAÑA

message 6 - Steve Clarke | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
It was apleasure to have you in to the studio tonight as my special guest. Acoustic Planet (and me, me too!) thank you.
January 21 2010 - Erin Ontario

message 7 - Jerry
Oh Ya.I knew your guitar was a classic and not junk as you claimed. I just couldn't understand that a guitar that sounded so great and you played so well you considered a no name guitar.How strange.
November 18 2009 - Guelph

message 8 - Jerry Daminato | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Great meeting you at the SAC meeting last night in Guelph. Enjoyed listening to some of your stuff on Sonicbids
November 18 2009 - Guelph

message 9 - Judy | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Lucky for me I was just crusing the Amherst I folk festival and found you. Hope to hear you there
August 14 2009 - Bath On

message 10 - Cielle | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
hello jay
July 26 2009 - edmonton

message 11 - Chloë Ashcat | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Beautiful songs!
November 21 2008 - Bastestatville

message 12 - Tom Althouse | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Great to hear you and see you Sunday Jay. You sounded fantastic
November 6 2008 - Aurora, Ontario

message 13 - annie m | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Wonderful storyteller.
beautiful melodies.
September 2 2008 - Waterloo

message 14 - Marek Piotrowski | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
I am looking forward to listening and maybe talking to you on Jun.01, 2008 at CJ's cafe.
See you there.
May 26 2008 - Mississauga, Ontario

message 15 - Peter Ferguson | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Hi Jay , my name is Pete Ferguson and my wife is part of The Heartbroken Souls.We sold you a CD @ The Moonshine last Wednesday and we wanted to let you know we have a CD release party in Hamilton on May 24th @ The West Town on Locke ST.Let us know what you thought of the CD and we would love to see you @ The West Town.Thanks Pete.
April 6 2008 - Hamilton

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