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message 16 - David Rosenbaum | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Dear Jay,
My local station, KBCS.fm played your "Traverse County" which is beautiful beyond words, and the songs on the web as equally as great. Bless you for sharing your gift! I look forward to your CD. Please let me know if you are ever out this way.
All best wishes, David
February 9 2008 - Seattle, WA

message 17 - RoseMarie Putnam | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Wow! Didn't know I was trading info with a star! You're really good! No wonder you are so musically inclined.I'm impressed. Nice work.
February 2 2008 - Phoenix, AZ

message 18 - Kimberley
Hey Jay, great voice and guitar. Glad I found your site. A star in our midst - maybe the next Gordon Lightfoot!
February 1 2008 - Toronto

message 19 - Kerri Ough | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
HEY JAY! Great stuff. Hope we'll see you around again soon in Toronto, Oakville, the side of the road, hitchhiking (me of course, not you.)

Take care and be well.
October 22 2007

message 20 - David Wells | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Hi Jay I just googled you and found this great site. I enjoyed your songs at the Norfolk today and loved your penny whistle accompionment to one of my tunes. Hope to see you again soon.
September 9 2007 - South Norfolk

message 21 - Scott Fitzpatrick | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE

I haven't seen you in a while! How are things? Hope everything is going well. I'll see you around.

August 2 2007 - Guelph, Ontario

message 22 - JP | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Jay, all the wonder of your talents comes across in this disc, I'll have to buy one when I see you next. Congratulations on a fine work !
July 29 2007 - Kitchener Ontario

message 23 - Doug Young | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Great tunes, fun, and I try to pick along. Right up my alley for sure, take it light, pickin here in Virginia.dy.
July 17 2007 - Manassas, like Stills.

message 24 - John Frank | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Hi Jay, I couldn't help but say hello from one singer with a paralyzed vocal cord to another. It's wonderful that you have created this page. I had my singing career and pro football cut short due to a botched surgery. On a ligher note, I am finding joy in other things and write music as well. Thank you for your story. It is nice to be able to relate with someone in a similar position. Your music gives me a nice, nostalgic feel! I dig it.
February 17 2007 - Salt Lake City, Utah

message 25 - Jane, your number one fan
This guestbook looks all lonesome, so I thought I'd drop by and say Hi!
January 1 2007

message 26 - Holly Reed | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Hey Jay Love your music and your commentary. wishing you all the best from Kansas - Holly Reed
May 25 2006 - Arcadia, Kansas, pop 391

message 27 - Amanda Drake | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Jay - you're the best! Can't WAIT for the CD, and you know it cause I've been hounding you. Congrats on all. A
December 6 2005 - KW

message 28 - Howard Gladstone
Jay- It is about time! Who is to say there that debuts are for debutantes? There are no rules when it comes to art. Age is irreverent, make that irrelevant. It's truly wonderful to see the creative spirit expressed in those songs. Satchel would be proud. _ Howard
November 15 2005

message 29 - Sam Larkin | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Jay -- A great day for everybody, you launching a website like this. I first heard you performing at Harbourfront in 1974. Sounded great then (the singing, the playing); sounds even better now and you're laying out your own material, besides. Some very fine songs, all I've heard. Somebody better get me that CD for Christmas when it comes out. And another unexpected treat, I see the word blog; I see you proposing a journal. People gonna find out how good that could be, too. So thanks for coming out of hiding, Sneakyfast.
-- Sam
October 25 2005 - Lomé, Togo

message 30 - Jay
Welcome. Thanks for posting (I also receive posts in email so I'll know you've been here!) And thanks for not spamming.
October 23 2005 - South-Central Ontario, Canada

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