(contains 3 full songs!)

Credits and Liner Notes


Executive Produced by Jay Linden
Co-produced and recorded by Ken Brown

All songs written by Jay Linden and copyright 2006 (SOCAN). All rights reserved. Except:

"Wildwood Flower", written & copyright A.P. Carter
"Camptown Races", written Stephen Collins Foster (and in Public Domain)

All songs: Jay Linden - guitar and vocals on all songs

Jay also plays laud (track 4), tiple (track 6), banjo-uke (track 10) & harmonica (track 12), plus backwards banjo-uke on the very hidden track 16 (oops, didn't mean to mention that)

Ken Brown - Uptight bass (tracks 2, 9, 14), all background vocals
Jay Weiler - Fiddle (tracks 2, 14)
Colin Linden - Dobro (tracks 8, 13); mandolin (tracks 3, 5, 11); bass guitar (track 5)
Droney things played by Jay Linden on laud, bajo sexto, ocarina, tres cubano, bandurria, etc., sampled and looped by Ken Brown and inserted into tracks 3, 9 and 14. I have no idea what makes up the drone on which song!

Recorded by Ken Brown at Ken's studio in Guelph, ON, Canada
Mixed by Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders in Nashville, TN, USA
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Studios in Toronto, ON

Liner Notes:

With gratitude ...

Ken Brown, for the recording, the coffee and a slice of the spirit of downtown Guelph
Colin Linden, for the mix and the playing and the advice ... a bit weird how two brothers could have learned so many of the same songs in the same places and yet make such different music ...
Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Studios, thanks for making me a CD that sounds good
Jake Stallard, for the design and artwork.

For Linda, without whom none of nothing would have worked right

Shoutouts and howdies ...

The folk folks in the tri-cities community (Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo also Guelph), my home for the past three years.  I feel welcome and at home. The folks in the places I play and workshop my new songs ... The folks at the Black Walnut, the folks at the Brantford Folk Club, the folks at Ernie's ... The K/W songwriter community, and special thanks to Mary Anne Epp for all the support for all of us. Margaret Hitchcock and the folks who sometimes gather at Rose Cottage. Julia Phillips, thanks for putting up with Ken putting up with me. The Boathouse in Kitchener (a great place to play!) Folks I've been meeting in the folk communities across southern and almost-southern Ontario. All the songwriters who make the rounds I fall into and out of. The Toronto community, Sam, Howard, Doc, Lynn, everybody.  We're just an hour west of you, c'mon visit! Family and friends, livestocks, here and gone. Everyone who listens to me and doesn't throw fruit

Rick Keating, if you're reading this, I guess it means I've been writing songs

To the memory of three heroes, all of whom left us suddenly and unexpectedly, at about my age ...

Douglas Adams -- for the Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things
Dave Carter -- for speaking the unspeakable beauty between here and beyond
Townes Van Zandt -- the best songwriter ever, and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in Steve Earle's cowboy boots and say so

This album would not have occurred without the complicity of all the people who have walked and ridden, loved and hated, been and gone.  We and the universe are all greater than the sum of our parts.

"Don't look back: Something may be gaining on you." -- Leroy "Satchel" Paige

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